Welcome to Comms, a Prepper Communications network.
This is a place for Preppers /Homesteaders /Survivalists to come together and share ideas and views in a respectful way. It is intended to be a safe place to “play” and share things. Initially, we do not have a photo sharing feature, though photos and videos are on the list of additions. Best viewed in something OTHER than (cough) Internet Explorer.

Registration will be via e-mail only. Send a note to LP – ASurvivalPlan, with a short explanation as to why you want to be a member. Remember to get rid of the spam block characters I put in the address above, and add the usual DOT extension. I know this is a pain, but shooting down spammers is an even bigger pain.  Send me the user name you wish to use (it will be the same as your screen name), and I’ll reply with a password. You’ll be able to change it when you login. Just make sure your name is a sensible and understandable – and not the garbage names the spammers use – it might get junked.

There may or may not be support for smartphones. No effort has been made to configure that portion, as we are concentrating on workstation and tablet access. Mobile phone devices are on the list, just not right away. Still, some may work fine. We can’t test them all.

In order to build a community, we need not just a few good folk, but a lot. Invite your friends. Tell them to come over for a bit and see if having your own little slice of the net isn’t a good thing.

Some simple rules to follow. 

  1. If you wouldn’t do it in front of a cop having a bad day, don’t think about doing it here. We tolerate no illegal ANYthing. No discussions about building bombs, modifying weapons in an illegal manner, drug manufacturing, etc…. Don’t even try it. One feature we will be adding is a moderator notification button, so that users can flag malcontents for deletion and addition to a blacklist database.
  2. No personal attacks. If you go after someone on a personal level because you disagree, think they are an idiot, don’t like their politics, etc., you will be warned, and banned on the second offense. If it’s bad enough, you’re banned outright. We reserve the right to do anything we feel necessary to safeguard this site and the conversations we hope take place here.
  3. No advertising. That will be allowed later, in a special section dedicated to known “good guys” and, heck, it might even be FREE! So, be a good guy, and see if good comes back to you.

If you need to get hold of the site admin, send e-mail to the address above.